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A little Time
# 703      $7.00
Size: 16"H x 7"W

Garden Fairy
#700       $8.75
Size: 48"H x 24"W

Small Bees and Butterflies
#714         $7.00
Size: 12"H x 4"W

Welcome Bees & Butterflies
#702           $8.75
Size: 6'H x 8"W
(the wood is rough sawn cedar boards)

Welcome to My Garden
#461           $7.00
Size:36"H x 24"W

Honey House
#711         $7.00
Size: 9"H x 10"W

Harry and the Mrs.
#604       $7.00(Harry)
Size: 34"W x 4"H
#704       $7.00(Mrs.)
Size: 34"W x 7"H

#804      $10.00(Both)

Long Legs
#609        $7.00
Flower Pot: 6"W x 12"H
Long Legs: 3 1/2"W x 8"H

My Secret Garden
#708       $7.00
Size: 10"H x 17"W

Sage and Rosemary
#701           $7.00
Size: 15"H x 12"W (Sage)
21"H x 9"W (Rosemary)
Honey Bunnies
#611       $7.00
Size: 4"W x 8"H (Large)

3"W x 6"H (Small)

#280        $7.00
Size: 9"H x 6"W

Heavenly Herb Angels
#551       $7.00
Size: 11"H x 4-6"W

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